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Pretty Little Snakes

I recently shared a link on Facebook that was about snakes in hats. Many of my friends commented about how much they would like to see my snakes in hats. I’m crafty, but not crazy enough to make my snakes wear them.

In honor of the recent Royal Wedding I opted to photoshop fascinators on them instead.

Lola (above) is looking lovely in her pink and blue fascinator while watching the wedding.

Eek the snake (below) is looking dashing wearing his flower tiara while enjoying the festivities as well.

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The Stud

Little Vape-Cat is nearly five months old and I’m planning to bring him to the vet for the big snip (aka neuter) when he is six months old.  

A local breeder of siamese cats has asked for his stud services before he is done but that leaves me with a tough decision. 

There are too many cats in the world already.   I’m continuously trying to find homes for homeless cats.  

I know the importance of spaying and neutering pets. 

But, the money that I’m being offered would pay for his Neuter plus some extra to cover extra food and litter.

There are people already asking for the kittens so I know that they would go to good homes.   

So, my moral dilemma is to decide if I should assist in bringing more kittens into the world.   

The First Day of School

It’s a family tradition in our home that I take a picture of the kids on their first day of school.   On Tuesday,  my children started grade 8 and grade 10 so they don’t like having their picture taken as much as they  did when they were little.

Fortunately for me,  Brutus does.

Brutus posed in each of the kid’s back to school pictures.   He then barked at me until I took a couple of him too.

An Unhappy Labour Day

Yesterday was Labour Day here in Canada.    It is the last day of summer vacation before the kids go back to school.  It is supposed to be a fun day to enjoy the last minutes of freedom.   Today was not that kind of day.

These pictures were not taken today.

I woke to my daughter crying.   She told me Wizard had fallen.  I had trouble processing what she meant but she was crying hard enough that I knew there was trouble so I had to move quickly. 

I found Wizard on the kitchen counter not breathing and no pulse.  The other cats were still with him where they had all been eating breakfast.    

I gathered more details from my daughter later.  She got up and fed the cats.   They had all jumped up to the counter by themselves. They were eating when she heard a thump.  Wizard had fallen on his side completely limp.   He was gone that quickly.   

We don’t know why he died.  He hadn’t been sick.  There was no injury.  He had been acting normal.   

The whole family is crushed.  Wizard was greatly loved and will be deeply missed.