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An Unhappy Labour Day

Yesterday was Labour Day here in Canada.    It is the last day of summer vacation before the kids go back to school.  It is supposed to be a fun day to enjoy the last minutes of freedom.   Today was not that kind of day.

These pictures were not taken today.

I woke to my daughter crying.   She told me Wizard had fallen.  I had trouble processing what she meant but she was crying hard enough that I knew there was trouble so I had to move quickly. 

I found Wizard on the kitchen counter not breathing and no pulse.  The other cats were still with him where they had all been eating breakfast.    

I gathered more details from my daughter later.  She got up and fed the cats.   They had all jumped up to the counter by themselves. They were eating when she heard a thump.  Wizard had fallen on his side completely limp.   He was gone that quickly.   

We don’t know why he died.  He hadn’t been sick.  There was no injury.  He had been acting normal.   

The whole family is crushed.  Wizard was greatly loved and will be deeply missed.  


Wizard! Our most senior resident.

Wizard (aka WizWiz)

Wizard is our most senior resident and the only pet we got intentionally.   He is 11 years old now.  I bought him for my daughter’s first birthday because I had gotten a Siamese cat for my first birthday and he had lasted until I was 19.  I believe it is important for children to have pets.

Wizard is the most tolerant and lovable cat.  Especially with kids.  This is a picture of Wizard with a sock on his head.  Why?  Because his Boy put it there.