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A Success


Elvira and Slick have been with us since  August but I hadn’t been able to find them a home.   I had resigned myself to the idea that I would be cleaning up after 6 cats for the rest of their lives because I have become so attached to them after three months.    I  knew it would have to be a very special home for me to let them go.  I thought they were both more foster failures.

On Halloween a few of my friends came by to visit and one of them fell in love with Elvira.   She has found her forever home and will be moving next weekend.

She will have a loving home with my friend Becky, her son, and two senior cats to torment.

We are sad and will miss her but she will be close enough that we can visit her.  

Now we will have space to rescue another cat who needs our help. 


Kittens in the House


I had forgotten how much fun, excitement,  and general craziness kittens add to the house.   Our home is no longer quiet.
I awoke this morning to the thunder of 28 paws scampering through the house.  
The kittens have revitalized the older cats who now run and play and wrestle again.  
Even the dog wants to join in on play time.

BooBoo loves his Foster Sister


The Foster Kittens are settling in nicely at our home.   They are both sweet little girls with very different personalities.

The fluffy torti we are calling Elvira.   She has claimed BooBoo as hers and he seems very happy to have a kitten too.

He shares his food with her and he let’s her sleep in the bed and he protects her from the other family members who aren’t so welcoming. 

It is so sweet to see them together but it will be heartbreaking to separate them when she finds her forever home.