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Rosie’s Anniversary

Today is the four year anniversary of the day we adopted Rosie from Small Things Cats in Sudbury.

Happy Anniversary Rosie!

This was her adoption photo.


An Unhappy Labour Day

Yesterday was Labour Day here in Canada.    It is the last day of summer vacation before the kids go back to school.  It is supposed to be a fun day to enjoy the last minutes of freedom.   Today was not that kind of day.

These pictures were not taken today.

I woke to my daughter crying.   She told me Wizard had fallen.  I had trouble processing what she meant but she was crying hard enough that I knew there was trouble so I had to move quickly. 

I found Wizard on the kitchen counter not breathing and no pulse.  The other cats were still with him where they had all been eating breakfast.    

I gathered more details from my daughter later.  She got up and fed the cats.   They had all jumped up to the counter by themselves. They were eating when she heard a thump.  Wizard had fallen on his side completely limp.   He was gone that quickly.   

We don’t know why he died.  He hadn’t been sick.  There was no injury.  He had been acting normal.   

The whole family is crushed.  Wizard was greatly loved and will be deeply missed.  

A Success


Elvira and Slick have been with us since  August but I hadn’t been able to find them a home.   I had resigned myself to the idea that I would be cleaning up after 6 cats for the rest of their lives because I have become so attached to them after three months.    I  knew it would have to be a very special home for me to let them go.  I thought they were both more foster failures.

On Halloween a few of my friends came by to visit and one of them fell in love with Elvira.   She has found her forever home and will be moving next weekend.

She will have a loving home with my friend Becky, her son, and two senior cats to torment.

We are sad and will miss her but she will be close enough that we can visit her.  

Now we will have space to rescue another cat who needs our help. 

Pet Loc8tor

Pet Loc8tor

One of the best investments I’ve made for my pets is the Pet Loc8tor.  It has saved me many times from the panic of losing our cats.

It is a small device that attaches to the pets collar  and a  tracker that is smaller than a cell phone.

It works with pinpoint technology.     Meaning it points to where they can be found.   It is accurate to within one inch of where the Pet is.  It has a long range of 400 feet or 122 meters.

I chose this tracker over others because it was a one time purchase with no monthly charges.

The cost was only $99.   which is very reasonable for the peace of mind it offers.

I purchased the Loc8tor online from Www.loc8tor.com

It is also a fun way to play hide and seek with the pets.  They can no longer hide from me when it is bath time or time for pills.