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Trading Spaces

It was snake cage cleaning day so Pumpkin Snake was out of the cage and sitting on the couch watching TV with my daughter G. That is normally a spot for cats to sit.

I finished cleaning the cage but Pumpkin wasn’t ready to go home yet so she stayed with G while I continued on with my day.

A short time later G called for help saying she couldn’t get Pumpkin back in the cage. This is why.

I guess it seemed like a good spot for a cat to sit.


My Brothers

I am spending the weekend visiting my parents.
I inherited my crazy love of animals from them.
I tried to snap pictures of my sibling animals but only my brothers would co-operate.


This is my brother Ricky.  (yes my parents gave us rhyming names.)
Ricky is a blue point siamese. He is about six years old.


This is my brother Buddy.

Buddy is a pomeranian with a bad haircut. He is sixteen and has many bald spots so they have given him this haircut rather than a comb over.