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Meet Vape-Cat 

As you may know from previous posts, we recently said goodbye to our boy Wizard.  He was dearly loved and can never be replaced .   

Wizard was my son’s best friend so he felt the loss the most.  My son tried to bond with the other cats but couldn’t make a connection .    

We started the search last week through all the local rescues  and finally found this guy at the Cambridge Animal Hospital . 

His name was Hands but it is now Vape-Cat .    That’s what happens when you let a 15 year old boy name the cat.   

He is blending well with our family . 


My Brothers

I am spending the weekend visiting my parents.
I inherited my crazy love of animals from them.
I tried to snap pictures of my sibling animals but only my brothers would co-operate.


This is my brother Ricky.  (yes my parents gave us rhyming names.)
Ricky is a blue point siamese. He is about six years old.


This is my brother Buddy.

Buddy is a pomeranian with a bad haircut. He is sixteen and has many bald spots so they have given him this haircut rather than a comb over.


Wizard! Our most senior resident.

Wizard (aka WizWiz)

Wizard is our most senior resident and the only pet we got intentionally.   He is 11 years old now.  I bought him for my daughter’s first birthday because I had gotten a Siamese cat for my first birthday and he had lasted until I was 19.  I believe it is important for children to have pets.

Wizard is the most tolerant and lovable cat.  Especially with kids.  This is a picture of Wizard with a sock on his head.  Why?  Because his Boy put it there.