Becoming Cruelty Free

As an animal lover,   I feel that it is time for me to work toward becoming vegan.   It will be a tough road because I will be dragging a reluctant spouse and children along.  I will be doing it in slow gradual steps with the hopes that they really don’t notice.

One of the first steps that I wanted to try was switching to all cruelty free cosmetics.   You would think that would be simple.   It’s not!   Did you know that Shoppers Drug Mart only sells one line of cruelty free cosmetics?   The line is one of the most expensive in the store with a basic foundation costing $57.   I cannot afford that.

Walmart sells Flower cosmetics but I try to avoid Walmart as much as possible.

Giant Tiger sells E.L.F. cosmetics.   I purchased a blush and a lipstick from  them and I am quite happy.   Each of the items was only $4 which is very affordable.


Giant Tiger does not carry their foundation and the cost of shipping it to me would be more than the price of the product so I am still on the hunt for a cruelty free foundation.   I am heading out on the hunt now.  Wish me luck.


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