Brutus vs the Skunk

My other half leaves for work every morning at 4:30 am.   Of course he let’s Brutus out for a few minutes before he leaves.

I awoke this morning as Brutus leapt onto the bed and I choked on the overwhelming stench of skunk.

Anyone who has ever been sprayed knows how that smell attacks the senses and draws tears, closes the throat and makes the nose run.     Then the smell spreads to everything it touches and clings to it.

Of course,  Brutus is trying to get it off himself by wiping it on the bed,  the blankets, and on me.

I grabbed Brutus (who I’m not calling my baby BooBoo at this time) and lock him in the shower stall until I can get my bearings and figure out what I’m doing.    Remember it is 4:30 am.

I took a couple of minutes to yell at my other half.   How could he not notice that there was a skunk in our yard or that our dog smelled like one?   It was tough to miss.

I searched online for a skunk scent removal remedy.  The one I found that worked was this:

1 quart 3% Hydrogen Peroxide

1/4 cup Baking Soda

1 teaspoon liquid soap
(Dawn Dishwashing Detergent is often recommended, but any dish soap will work)

Rubber or latex gloves

Mix in an open container (bucket or bowl); it will be fizzy, a clue that you shouldn’t try to mix it or store it in a bottle or other closed container.
Thoroughly wet your dog with warm water and then the solution while it is still bubbling.  Knead it well into his coat, to chemically alter every bit of the mixture  on his hair. Be careful to keep the formula out if the dog’s eyes, nose and mouth; you can use a sponge to carefully wipe it onto his face. Let the solution stand for 10 minutes before rinsing. Follow the bath with a thorough rinse. Be sure to protect the eyes when rinsing the head. Chances are you will not get all of the smell off of the face and will have to live with that as it wears off. You can try Tricotine Liquid Douche Concentrate or any over-the-counter douche.
After bathing, check your dog’s eyes. If they are red and watering, your dog may have taken a direct hit in the face. Skunk spray won’t blind the dog, but it’s very painful. Contact a vet.

Fortunately,  he didn’t get it in his eyes.   It seemed to be mostly in his mouth.  I assume he tried to bite the skunk (dumb ass) so this mixture worked really well.

I used the same mixture to wash my bedding.   I assumed I had gotten all the smell off everything because I showered too.   I assumed this until I went grocery shopping with my children.   I commented that I could still smell skunk while we were in the store.  They giggled and pointed.   I realized that the smell was coming from me.   I quickly went home and bathed myself in the same mixture.   I was concerned that it would remove my hair dye but it didn’t.




1 thought on “Brutus vs the Skunk

  1. Oh god, I’m dying! This happened to me once, too. The Ex let the dogs in after they got skunk-sprayed, and I was clambering out of bed in a panic as the smell hit me. We washed them down (using the same recipe as you) in the outdoor kennel, with the garden hose, and we stank so much afterward that we just stripped in the driveway and left our clothes there when we went inside to shower. The next morning, my brother showed up for a visit, and almost called the police because when he saw our clothes lying outside and heard the dogs locked in the garage (normally they’re in the house with us but THEY STILL STANK!) he thought someone had tortured and killed us. AWFUL FOR EVERYONE!!!


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