Pet Loc8tor

Pet Loc8tor

One of the best investments I’ve made for my pets is the Pet Loc8tor.  It has saved me many times from the panic of losing our cats.

It is a small device that attaches to the pets collar  and a  tracker that is smaller than a cell phone.

It works with pinpoint technology.     Meaning it points to where they can be found.   It is accurate to within one inch of where the Pet is.  It has a long range of 400 feet or 122 meters.

I chose this tracker over others because it was a one time purchase with no monthly charges.

The cost was only $99.   which is very reasonable for the peace of mind it offers.

I purchased the Loc8tor online from

It is also a fun way to play hide and seek with the pets.  They can no longer hide from me when it is bath time or time for pills.


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