Mika! My Breakfast Buddy

My Breakfast Buddy and Good Morning Friend

Mika is my breakfast buddy and morning friend.

Most of the time Mika is my daughters cat.   She is loyal to her.   Mika spends her day sleeping on my daughter’s pillow or in her dresser drawers.   Once my daughter is home,  they are together.

But,  early in the morning, before everyone else is awake, she is mine.  We have a routine.    She meets me by the coffee pot and we greet with a head bump and a little snuggle while the coffee perks.   When I pour my coffee she demands a splash of milk.   (I know milk isn’t good for cats but don’t we all like something that isn’t good for us?  It really is just a splash)

She has breakfast while I putter around the kitchen.

Once the kids are awake I’ve lost her again but for that short time every day,  she is mine.  I treasure that time.


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