Ear Hematomas

I noticed last week that BooBoo had a weird swollen bump on his ear flap.    It looked like a balloon had been inflated inside of his ear.   I thought is was just an allergy because it appeared after a long walk through a mosquito infested area but it didn’t go down after a couple of days so I took him to see his friend Dr Fox at Beaverdale Veterinary Clinic.   BooBoo is treated like a celebrity there.   (I suspect every animal is)


Ear or Aural Hematomas are fluid filled pockets similar to a blood blister.  They are caused when the dog shakes his head or bangs is on something causing the tiny blood vessels in the floppy part of the ear to rupture.  They bleed under the skin creating this balloon like bubble.  It is the same as Cauliflower ear that professional fighters get from boxing.

Surgery is a option.  That would involve slicing the ear opened and draining  the fluid then stitching the ear back together.

Using a syringe to drain the fluid was also discussed but the ear often re-inflates after the draining.

The third option was to do nothing and let it heal.

After consulting with Dr Fox,  we agreed that the best option for us is to do nothing and let it heal on it’s own.  Boo is in no pain and we are not very concerned about it damaging his looks.  He is handsome but will never be a runway model.


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