How to Peel a Snake

How to Peel a Snake

Most people love blogs about dogs and cats and sweet fuzzy animals because they are cute and love to cuddle.    My girl Jaya is beautiful and magestic and loves to cuddle too.   Some would say she is just stealing my body heat but I like to believe she loves me.   She will snuggle on the couch for hours.

In this picture she is fresh from a bath and I have just helped her shed.   Wild snakes are better able to shed because the rub against a rough terrain like stones and sticks but captive snakes live in nice smooth terrariums.   Jaya has always had trouble shedding.  She usually scrapes off the dead skin from her face but will wear it like a hat until I help her.   She is a very lazy snake.

The shedding process for her involves a nice warm bath then the skin rolls  right off like a condom leaving her fresh and beautiful.


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