Warm Weather WAlking

Spring Walks

Spring is finally here so it’s time to get the boys and myself back into shape after a long cold winter.  This winter has been tough on all of us and we have all packed on our winter layer.
I took the boys out separately today for their walks.  Brutus had a great time.   We were out for over an hour.  We walked down to the river and along the trails.  It was beautiful and he was ready to keep going.  He is a very high energy boy.

I took Leon out second.  His walk was a different story.
He was so eager to go for a walk with me but he is getting so old and fat.  I walked him to the end of the street and he was puffing like a train.  He wanted to keep going but I had to take him home.  I was afraid to take him too far from home and have him collapse.   I certainly couldn’t carry him back home if it happened.

Hopefully our continued walks over the summer months will get us all into better shape.   I want to start running again soon.  Brutus would love it but poor Leon will have to miss out on that.


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