Jaya the Irian Jaya Carpet Python


Jaya is an Irian Jaya Carpet Python.  She is a little over 6 feet long and much more docile than she appears to be.  I’m told she looks mean but she isn’t.
Jaya is a retired entertainer.  She used to work in children’s parties and events.   When her previous owners needed to close their business,  all the reptiles needed to find new homes.   I had an empty tank that was large enough to hold her so she moved right in.
Jaya is an old snake who spends most of her day sleeping.  She is so low energy that on more than one occasion I have taken her out of the tank in tears,  thinking she was dead because she was limp and not moving.  It wasn’t until I started to wrap her body that she decided to perk up and show me she was fine.   Some days, she is like having a pet rock except she looks much cooler.


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